18 May 2017

4 Reasons Why Meditation Will Improve Your Life

As I mentioned on my Instagram, I have recently been to a meditation class which brought me back to the significance of meditation and how much it has improved my life. Before trying it, no one told me how many benefits it offered and how much better you could feel. So today I'd like to share some of the reasons why it is worth trying this amazing spiritual practice and hopefully some of you will try it out.

1 - More balance, calm and inner peace 
The very first effect of meditation - whether you do it for five minutes or two hours per day - is that it'll make you feel more grounded, calmer and at peace with yourself. If this sounds too strange for you, I'll just say that you'll be able to notice such a balance by the way you'll react to a situation that hasn't turned out the way you planned, further acceptance of your current situation and generally more patience. As a consequence, you'll be able to gradually free yourself from anxiety and inner tension.

2 - More appreciation and inner connection 
When you meditate, you find yourself face to face with your mind. This is why it's crucial to meditate in silence, with your eyes closed: so you can connect with an inner dimension that unfortunately, our hectic lifestyles don't let us go to very often. This can help you open up to your deepest self and become more and more present. One way you will perceive this in your daily life is a growing sense of appreciation and gratefulness towards things. This is why I like to accompany my morning meditation practice with writing a list of things I'm grateful for.

3 - Metabolism and immune system boost
While meditation is great for your mind, there are also physical benefits to it. Although you can also get such benefits from sports activities, meditation can help boost your immune system and metabolism, as well as raise your energy levels - you no longer need that protein shake ;) Read a more scientific explanation of this here.

4 - Better sleep patterns
And now my favourite benefit of all - you'll get great nights of sleep! By doing meditation regularly your body will require less energy, hence less sleep. After three years of meditation, I still need my eight hours of sleep per night - but I definitely wake up feeling more refreshed.

So now, how do I meditate?
First, sit down in a comfortable position, perhaps with your legs crossed or by kneeling down and letting your hands rest on your knees. Then close your eyes and listen to your inhales and exhales. It's as simple as that. This is not going to stop your flow of thoughts; however, you can learn to observe them as they come and go, and whenever you get distracted just come back to your breath. At first, it might feel frustrating because of how many thoughts you'll get. It will slowly improve, until you'll be able to just sit down and focus straight away - obviously with ups and downs. If you like, you can set yourself an intention at the beginning of the session, whether for the day ahead or the next day, or even just your life in general.

"Meditation is not for me"
The sole reason why meditation is for everyone is that it does not require you to believe in any idea, change your religious beliefs or follow any rules. It's just conscious breathing. And anyone can do it since all of us can breathe. There are no supernatural beliefs attached to meditation as some people may think, and you are free to interpret it the way you prefer to - as determination, spirituality, relaxation and so forth. However, I respect the fact that you might feel like meditation is not for you - but just try it before judging ;)

Have you tried meditation before reading this post? Are you going to try it after you read this? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Just reading this made me feel like I was mediating, Assia :)
    I guess I've tried mediation in the form of some yoga classes? Before and at the end of class, we'd lie in Shavasana position (on the ground) for several minutes, eyes closed, and just concentrated on our breathing. It felt absolutely fantastic! It's amazing how rejuvenated you feel afterwards.

    ~Lor @

    1. I am also a fan of Shavasana, though I prefer doing meditation at the beginning of the class to get into the right yoga mindset. :)

  2. I have recently started mediating and sometimes it's a bit of a mess and I can't calm the mind down at all to a state where I am just an observer to my thoughts, but when everything does settle and I can just focus on my breathing it's a total game changer. It really does help to calm the mind, and I agree about the better sleep!

    1. That's amazing! I agree with you, once you've meditated, everything seems to settle. Keep it up :)