8 May 2017

My Morning Routine at University

love Sundays. I like to be able to sit down at my desk with a hot cup of tea and a snack and blog after some long sessions of studying. On this cloudy Sunday afternoon, I'd like to share my morning routine, which is a crucial part of my day if not the most important one. This is because I think mornings are a key moment to set good intentions and get ready for a fresh new day, both physically and mentally.

I normally wake up between 8 and 8.30. This changes according to my timetable, and since this year I've been lucky enough not to have any 9ams I can allow myself to wake up a bit later. However, I never wake up after 8.30 as I feel very productive in the morning and don't like to waste time. I use my iPhone as an alarm with the sound Ripples that I feel is the most chilled one. However, when I go back home I'd like to get a real alarm and leave my phone outside of my bedroom - even though I keep it on airplane mode I think it's best to leave technologies out of the way when sleeping.

First thing I like to do before even getting out of bed, is doing around five minutes of meditation. Although it can seem like a very short time, it works perfectly for me as I don't like spending too much time in bed. I like to track my meditation sessions with an app called Insight Timer where you can check how many minutes you've done each day and how many consecutive days and overall sessions you've done. It also tracks milestones which are very encouraging to keep going.

Next thing I like to do is write on my gratefulness journal or my Five Minute Journal. I like to write down things I am grateful for and intentions for the day ahead, which is very simple but also powerful to get in a positive mindset.

I then get out of bed and roll out my mat, and do around ten minutes of yoga. This is probably the most crucial part of my routine since if I skip it one single day my body will feel very stiff. While it can take a long time to get used to exercise in the morning, it's incredibly useful and beneficial. I actually got into this routine thanks to The Body Book which is very helpful to start following a healthy diet and workout routine. While doing yoga, I usually listen to the news in English and Spanish (I like to listen to the Euronews bulletin and Radio Nacional on Rtve) and get informed about the most important news around the world before my classes.

I then have breakfast, a cup of English breakfast tea and a bowl of porridge, which I like to mix with some fruit (usually blueberries, apples or pears), cinnamon, honey and granola. Breakfast is actually my favourite meal of the day as I'm not a fan of cooking and this takes so short, plus I never really get bored of granola! This is also a good moment to chat to my housemates and find out everyone's plans for the day and decide what we'll have for dinner.

I then either go to class or start working on my assignments, which change every day. Lately I've enjoyed working from home, although that changes according to my mood. Sometimes I like working at the library, but right now they are all packed as it's exam time and almost the whole university is studying like crazy!

This was a very simple post but I wanted to write it for ages and really enjoyed it - so I hope you liked it, and please let me know what your morning routine is!

P.S. Of course the door in the picture isn't of my house in Bristol - it's one of the lush houses of Bath's Royal Crescent! :)

What's your morning routine? Share it in the comments below!


  1. Breakfast is definitely my fave meal of the day too! I love granola with berries, yoghurt, honey and all that! I just always feel so healthy and full of energy afterwards!
    Love it! <3

    1. Ahh it's just the best and I never get bored of it! :)

  2. Morning yoga is just the best! It really sets the tone for your day!!

  3. I love reading about people's day-to-day routines :) Starting yoga in the morning so wonderful, I think! I wish my mornings were as pleasant!
    During the week, I wake up and wash my face immediately. Then I made my bed, have some coffee and breakfast, while I sit in peace and quiet for about 20 minutes. Usually I'm playing with my cats for a bit =) From there, I start *really* getting ready for work (ie. brushing teeth, getting dressed, etc.) but it's so essential for me to ease into my mornings.
    On weekends, I'm usually up between 9:30-10 and I love to take my time then. I may read through an easy magazine or do some blog work while having my morning coffee. I'll usually save the workout for closer to noon time ;)

    Have a wonderful day, Assia!


    1. Same here, I love watching morning routine videos on YouTube or reading them on blogs! And I used to say that as well, then started doing yoga and meditation and suddenly my mornings sounded as amazing as other people's. You can do it too! Oh, weekends at your place always look so cosy <3

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