29 July 2017

6 Lessons I Learnt at University

When I first arrived at university, I searched for graduation pictures on social media to get inspired. I found the picture of a girl who looked very much like me and saved it (I hope she never reads this!). Every now and then I would look back at it and visualise myself wearing a similar outfit, hairstyle and makeup. This wasn't so much about the outifit, as much as the experience and the hard work she'd put in behind her smile. That was what inspired me the most.

1 - Enjoy good times while you can 
My first year was a rollercoaster of emotions. I loved it all and didn't spare my energies once. I enjoyed meeting new people, travelling back and forth to London, going out, working on my assignments too hard to be a first year student, neglecting details that I later learnt were crucial. First year really taught me to enjoy my free time while I could. I knew the years to come were going to be harder academically speaking and I'm glad I got to spend a lot of time making new friends.

2 - Don't quit because of how others make you feel (unless something doesn't make you happy)
At some point during second year, I thought of quitting. Leaving it all behind. After all, what was I doing in the UK, the only European student in my department whom lots of people looked at for being too different (oh, there were so many of them. I don't care now, but let me tell you - it was tough back then). Now, just like Tolle says, when you're in this kind of situation, you can either accept it or take action; all else is madness. So I decided that a bunch of racist people weren't enough to persuade me to leave. I was stronger than them and their comments. I liked my course; I liked my housemates and lifestyle. Why on earth should I have left? I was always going to face some obstacle in life anyway! So I kept going.

3 - Hard times don't last forever
Finally, I realised the toughest part of my journey had passed. By the end of second year, I was looking forward to changing environment. Sadly, I felt a bit of tired of living in the UK. I was disappointed, but I knew that good news were waiting for me. I knew things were going to change for the best. Second year was a long one, but after all I was okay. Although hard times seem to last forever, you are stronger than them. Your will and determination will prevail, eventually, and you'll want to feel better; you'll get rid of all that bad energy, and you'll choose what's best for you.

4 - Embracing a positive mindset is the best thing you can do for yourself
Being in that positive mindset, I thought that everything would go well in Spain. I knew, inside of me, it was going to be fine. I did worry a little bit, but nothing extreme.
It worked - my third year abroad was amazing. Valencia was bustling with Erasmus students, the friendliest people in the world. Also, there was a beach and people spoke Spanish; I even met one of my best friends there. What more could I ask for?

5 - Going to a big city can help you find yourself
Barcelona was life changing. It turned my world upside down - I don't think I knew the proper meaning of being happy, mindful and full of energy until that point. In my mind, I was like a character of Coelho's novels (I still wonder whether I'm ever going to enjoy myself as much). In my experience, this was because I had plenty of space, and I could meet new people all the time. I'm sure not everyone will agree with my point, but I feel like a big city can help understand more about what you want and just yourself overall.

6 - Be open to good things coming in your way
Fourth year was just as good. Because I expected it to be so. Good things attract good things. I wanted to be as happy as in Barcelona, and although I knew that that wasn't going to be possible I focused on the good and visualised good things coming in my way. I saw Bristol with different eyes; it became magical again. Again, I was happy to be in the UK, just like when I'd dreamt of it at first. I met four amazing, loving, compassionate human beings who are now some of my best friends. Our final year, and the hardest year at university turned into the most fun one. We had dinner together, travelled together, listened to each other in moments of need. Was this the ultimate proof that law of attraction works? Maybe. Since first year I'd always envisioned myself living with languages students, in a girly house like ours. It took four years, but eventually it happened. Never say never.

What did university and school teach you? Share in the comments!

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