10 August 2017

Black Sea Towns: Burgas & Nesebar

After my crazy 24 hours in Sofia, I left to Burgas on a smaller Bulgaria Air plane that travelled for only fifty minutes but with lots of turbulences. The weather wasn't great but after the first two days it got very hot and sticky, catching up with the weather I'd left back home.

Burgas is a seaside town with a harbourside and a fairly big city centre compared to other towns in the area. It's got a nice avenue that crosses the centre with a variety shops and supermarkets. As soon as I got to the centre I realised it had a much more European feeling compared to Sofia, perhaps because of its cafes and shops.

Happy was my favourite restaurant in Burgas. I found the food in Bulgaria to be okay, although I was a bit disappointed to notice that menus didn't offer any local specialties. It was very hard to find non-touristy places, which is something I always avoid. This is why I had mussels or Greek salad most of the time. I basically stopped having carbs because I didn't dare try the pizza or pasta (I rarely do abroad); I only had fries every now and then, which were obviously fine. 

Although the sea water wasn't very clean, the sea front looked lovely and I spent a lot of time taking pictures.

Onto Nesebar, I found this little seaside town adorable and it was my favourite stop of the whole holiday. This town has a very unique style, since it resembles Greek towns, but beside the beaches it offers chalets as opposed to seaside houses.

Lunch spot :)

One nice thing I noticed is that Bulgarian seaside towns offer lots of cafes and restaurants overlooking the sea which is always a plus.

Stay tuned for my next post on towns of the Black Sea which is coming up soon. Do you have any questions on Bulgaria? Share them below and I'll answer them in my next post!

What's a seaside town that you love? Share in the comments below!

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