14 August 2017

Black Sea Towns: Sunny Beach & Sozopol

After the day trips to Nesebar and Burgas, I ventured to other small Black Sea towns. On one hand, Sozopol was very much like Nesebar but smaller and with fewer shops. On the other, Sunny Beach was completely different and very much like an open air resort full of touristy shops and swimming pools.

Sunny Beach is a very urban, newly built town on the Black Sea and a very popular destination among Russian and Northern European tourists. As any touristy beach town, it's got lots of crowded beaches and a main street that gets super busy in the evening and looks like a mix between a funfair and an open air club. Despite that, I could enjoy a nice walk at sunset, when tourists started leaving for dinner.

My experience is Sozopol was pretty similar to the one in Nesebar, although the place is slightly smaller. The town has a main street with lots of stalls where you can buy rose products (they're everywhere in Bulgaria), get a henna tattoo and souvenirs, and walk through little streets leading to the sea. There is also a church and local caf├ęs that give the town a sense of community.

 The wooden houses I talked about on Instagram - don't they look like mountain chalets??

If you're in the area and wondering which places to visit, I would recommend them in the order Nesebar, Sozopol, Burgas, Sunny Beach. 

Have you ever been to Eastern Europe? What are some of your favourite beaches in the world?

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