3 August 2017

Monthly Favourites: July 2017

July has been such a month! As you may have seen from my previous blog posts, I have graduated! I'm so happy I could get a modern languages degree abroad, on my own, but also with the help of my family! Before that, I spent a lot of time in Florence, caught up with a friend from school that I hadn't seen in ages and started going to the gym. This was actually the first time that I did it properly as I'd tried it a few times but never really liked it or got into it. And it actually made me feel much healthier and just better about myself. Let me know if you go to the gym and whether it was an easy choice or whether you found it a bit harder like me!
At the end of the month, I travelled from Bologna to Sofia (in the picture is one of the main squares of the city), but will share more in the next blog post.
Now, onto my favourites:

- TV series: North and South
While I was in Bristol I watched a short series on Netflix by the BBC called North and South. This is a historical series based on Elizabeth Gaskell's novel (1855), and I absolutely recommend it if you're into England and history like I am. It's about a family, the Hales, who move from Malborough Hills, in the south, to Milton, in the industrial north and struggle to adapt to a new lifestyle and place. The acting and the soundtrack are so good, and reminded me of the first version of Pride and Prejudice which I loved. Here is the trailer:
- TV series: Riverdale
Onto a more modern series, Riverdale is set today in a small town where a student, Jason Blossom, gets killed in unclear circumstances. Betty, Veronica and Archie go on with their daily lives whilst trying to uncover the mystery and juggling personal relationships in their teens. Here is the trailer:
- Energy healing: tapping
As I shared on my blog's social media, I have lower back pain and sciatica nerve pain, which I had a hard time with around mid-June. Now, what I usually do in these cases is I take painkillers and do lots of healing yoga. This time it was really bad, and I decided to do some extra research and found an alternative method to heal pain: it's called tapping and it's a game changer. What tapping does is it opens your blocked energy channels, something that often causes illnesses and pain. I tried it a few times and my pain vanished like magic. Right now, I still have to be careful with my back but I feel much better, and I know that if I get pain from a bad move I'll have a handy solution to use right after I got hurt.
Now, if you think I'm crazy you might want to know that when I first found it I wasn't that convinced either, but I was so desperate I tried it anyway. And it really worked. Although I still have to look more into how reiki, tapping and other such strategies work, I believe they could really be life-changing if done properly, as opposed to stuffing your body with chemicals that will lead you to dependence on them and short-term healing.
If you're in emotional or physical pain, please give it even just one go. Here is a link with a good explanation of tapping.

What were your favourites this month?

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