20 September 2017

Ramallah, the Hills of Battir and the Mediterranean Coast

Last but not least, here is my final post on Palestine! I've struggled to make some time for this but here I am, writing about the new places I discovered this year. I'd actually never been to either Ramallah or Herzilya Beach but apparently I have been in Battir, although I don't remember it since I was probably too young for that. I liked to see how in both Ramallah and Battir you could spot some of the typical Palestinian hills, which you can't always see from other cities like Jerusalem or Bethlehem.
Battir is a village in the countryside over Bethlehem, and I absolutely loved it! I went to a restaurant overlooking the hills with my family and I loved the atmosphere there. It was so peaceful and quiet, something that busy cities like Bethlehem often lack. So it was good to take a break and go into nature for a bit.
A window of the restaurant we went to in Battir :) I love this colour! 

After a few days, it was time to discover Ramallah, a city North to Bethlehem. Some of my cousins who live in Ramallah gave me a little tour of the city, and I found out it's got two main squares and lots of shops in the main streets around them. Although Bethlehem offers a lot of shops and cafes, it looked like Ramallah offered a few more, as well as offices and generally workplaces. However, my favourite place will always be Bethlehem since so much of my family is there <3 
Vine leaves and old stones :)
Found a writing just like the one in Amsterdam :)
A typical street in Palestine

During the trip, I also got to visit Mahmoud Darwish's museum. Darwish is regarded as the Palestinian national poet, and his work is considered one of the best in Arabic literature. The museum is made of an impressive memorial overlooking the city of Ramallah from a height. Inside, you get a big hall with a reproduction of his studio with a desk and some of his notebooks, and an area dedicated to his works. 

 The memorial - 'From Palestine (homeland)... to Mahmoud Darwish' (من الوطن إلى محمود درويش)
 This whole wall was dedicated to the translated versions of Darwish's books and their translated editions.

Finally, switching from countryside to the sea, I went on a day trip to Herzilya Beach with some cousins. I really liked the beach as it was surrounded by a few buildings but wasn't excessively urbanised.

So this was my last post on Palestine - I hope you enjoyed the series! Let me know if you'd like me to write any more posts on the place and feel free to ask questions about it :) 

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