19 October 2017

Discovering Yorkshire - Malham Cove

Hi there! I'm back with a new travel post from a completely different location. Last time you visited the blog you probably came across some pictures of Palestine - a hot Mediterranean spot - whereas now I'm bringing you back to rainy England, specifically to Yorkshire! I've wanted to visit this area of the country for ages, but it was too far to reach without a car and so I always postponed it. Who knows, I might even be able to visit Scotland at some point this year!
So far I've tried to do as much travelling as I could, although this was my first and only trip into nature. However, I'd love to discover other areas such as Ilkley Moor, or the Lake and Peak Districts. I've also been to York and Roundhay Park (which is quite a trip itself even though it's still in Leeds), the last one being a disaster, since I ended up there on an excessively rainy and windy day. But anyway, scroll down to read on :)

I left Leeds with a coursemate and her housemate (who was lucky enough to have a car!) and drove to Malham Cove. After a short break at a Tesco on the way, where I bought a box of rocky road (which I hadn't had in so long - I'd forgotten how good they were!), we got to the main destination. Although the green lawns and the cute sheep appealed to us and we felt like starting to hike straight away (or at least I did), we had our packed lunch to get some energy before the trek.
This is what the road looked like at first. The path in Malham is much easier at first, and it gets steeper later. However, the more you walk, the more impressive the views get, so it's fair to say that the effort is all worth it. 

I absolutely loved these little streams as they made the most relaxing sounds. I tend to listen to a lot of natural sounds on YouTube when I study but obviously this was very different. I also loved the silence and the only noises being sheep bleating or people talking.

And here is the actual Cove! It looks amazing in the pictures, but it looked even better in real life. If you look closely you can see some people rock-climbing, which I found quite shocking...
And here is me having one of the usual dreamy moments I like to capture on the blog :)

After enjoying the views for a while and talking about Harry Potter (since a scene of the sixth movie was shot on top of the stones I'm sitting on), we walked back to the car, which took a long time as we went a new way. 

I absolutely loved this waterfall and the way the colours blended in together :) 

Overall, I couldn't but highly recommend visiting Malham Cove. I think I particularly enjoyed it because I am a strong believer of new, positive beginnings, and starting the new academic year with this adventure was very empowering. It made me focus on my intentions for the year ahead, even though I wasn't completely sure of what it would have been like, and get in the right mindset. I hope you can also find some determination or other good feelings if you go there! 

Have you been to Malham Cove? What was your favourite thing about it?


  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, Assia! :)
    I'm actually headed to England soon, so this gets me more excited! (Be sure to look out for photos and of course, a blog post to come later!)


    1. Amazing! Where are you off to? London I suppose? I can't wait to find out :)