10 November 2017

Discovering Yorkshire - York

Before coming to Leeds, I'd
heard York was very pretty, so when I got here I made a point to go and visit it. Plus, as you know I love historical sites and York is unique in that sense - not only does it have a medieval centre and city walls, but also Roman remains and lots of Viking-themed attractions.
As I'd predicted, I loved discovering York, especially because the town reminded me of Bath, one of my favourite places in the UK.

Leaving from Leeds was exciting as I'd never taken a train in the North (it wasn't that different from the South haha). As opposed to Leeds Train Station, York's was a bit more old-fashioned as you can see from these irons vaults and fancy decorations on them. 

Super cute tower!

As we got there, we went around the main square where the Cathedral was, and had a look at a few bookshops. I almost bought Paulo Coelho's Manual of the Warrior of the Light, which has been on my reading list for ages, but didn't in the end as I still have two books on my shelf waiting to be read...
York Cathedral

So pretty!

Walking around the Shambles was a must. If you haven't heard of the Shambles, they are a web of small, old-fashioned streets in the centre of York where you can go shopping, eat or just have a look around. There is actually a Harry Potter shop that I really want to enter but sadly the queue was massive and I couldn't. We also stopped at the Shambles market where we bought some of these cute little pumpkins to decorate my shelves. 
Despite looking amazing, it was practically impossible to take nice pictures of the Shambles as they were packed with people...

The Shambles' Market

We then went on a walk around the Museum Gardens, which weren't very big compared to the typical English parks but oh so pretty! (The squirrels running around are always my favourite part).

The ruins of St Mary Abbey's church - I had to stop here to take some pictures as it looked so beautiful!

Not sure what this building was but it looked so beautiful and old-fashioned!

Our last stop before tea was at York Castle, which although is meant to be a must, I didn't find very interesting... 
We had tea and cake at an independent cafe called Coffee Culture in the city centre which was lovely as we could sit by the window of the top floor and watch people passing by.

While I can't say that I am very satisfied with the pictures I took (it was gloomy and I couldn't depict the town as well as I would have liked to), the day in York was lovely and I'd love to go back and discover more of its hidden corners.

Have you ever been to York? What were your favourite things about it? 


  1. I'm sorry I couldn't meet up with you in Leeds :( (how cool would that have been?!) We were only in London for 4 nights..then went straight to Ireland! Hope you enjoyed your trip :)


    1. Hey Lor, no worries! It would have been really cool though. London and Ireland sound great! :)