15 November 2017

Monthly Favourites: August, September & October 2017

I have never been so late for a blog post, but I guess it's better than never. September has been a busy month for me, as I started my master's degree and had to sort lots of things out. I'm studying Conference Interpreting and Translation at the University of Leeds, which is going very well so far. I'm really enjoying the courses, and despite the fact that my social life isn't great - I'm spending most of my time delivering speeches and doing consecutive interpreting - I can say that I'm happy of the choice I made. Interpreting training courses are no easy thing, especially if you're aiming to complete them in one year instead of two! Despite so much studying I have made a lot of time to watch TV series as usual. At the moment I'm watching Stranger Things, but I doubt you'll see it in my next favourites since I'm more of a history and romance than a sci-fi kind of person.

- YouTube channel: Elisabetta Pistoni
Although fashion and beauty aren't my favourite topics in a blog or a YouTube channel, I found Elisabetta's videos fun to watch. Since she is also Italian and lived abroad (in the US), I really enjoyed listening to her advice and experience. This is a vlog she's recently filmed in Paris.
- TV Series: The Last Kingdom
Even though this historically accurate TV series is excessively violent and bloody, I really enjoyed watching it. The Last Kingdom is about Uthred of Bebbanburg, an Anglosaxon-Danish warrior who fights to reconquer his land, and the story of the characters around him such as Brida, King Alfred, Kjartan and many more. 
TV Series: Poldark 
Poldark is a BBC historical TV series based on a series of novels by Winston Graham. It's about a young man, Ross Poldark, who comes back from the American War of Independence to his copper mines in Cornwall. At his arrival, his family and emotional ties have changed a lot; his sweetheart Elizabeth is now engaged to his cousin, Francis, but an interesting encounter is awaiting him.
- Radio 4 Mini Drama: The Citadel 
Since one on my interpreting tutors recommended listening to Radio 4, I signed up and had a look at what the feed offered. I started listening to a random radio drama (which I did not know were a thing!) and was impressed at how vivid it sounded and how catchy the story was. The Citadel is about a young graduate working as a medical assistant for the first time before the NHS was created in the UK. You can listen to it here until 28 November. 

What were your favourites of the month?