25 December 2017

Did I Achieve My 2017 Resolutions?

As I did last year, I am going to go through my last year's resolutions to see if I achieved them. I actually checked my list a few times during the year to see how I was doing and it really helped me to stay focused on them. It also made me realise that most of my resolutions are everyday goals and not special and unrealistic goals that I only feel like setting in January as many do. This is probably why the list will look good again this year - not because I'm a genius, but because I'm very down-to-earth!

1 - Be mindful and self-aware 
Year after year, working on being mindful is becoming my top priority. If you've also read Tolle's books, you'll know this type of thinking is very logical and it's based on some specific ideas and attitudes to maintain. Even though these are not always easy to follow, I truly believe they make the best way for living a happy, fulfilling life. 

2 - Improve time balance
This was one of the most challenging resolutions for me. My goal was to optimise time while studying, which was not easy at all. I managed to gradually improve this by using the timer and stopwatch apps on my phone, and especially reminding myself that by doing this, I can use the remaining time doing things I love.

3 - Do meditation and yoga
This was an easy resolution. I can't live without yoga and meditation, therefore this probably didn't even count as a proper one!

4 - Read 30 books
Sadly, I did not manage to do this. I read 18 books, which is a good number but nowhere nearly as good as my goal. I still felt that I enjoyed each book, even though it took a while to read them.

5- Read more educational, spiritual and self-help books 
Yes! My biggest achievement was reading Tolle's A New Earth, which led me to discover so many new views on life and happiness. I have also read other books like Thrive, The Happiness Project and The Secret but the first one was by far the best!

6 - Read more newspapers
I have to do this for my course, so I did!

7 - Improve my spoken English
Same - I guess I don't have a choice but working on that for my course. Most speeches I interpret tend to contain some technical words and specific knowledge, therefore I need to read loads in English. 

8 - Graduate 
Yeeeesss! I did it. I'm so happy to say that I am a Bristol graduate. I love Bristol University and even if I am now a proud Leeds student I will never ever forget what Bristol taught me.

9 - Start a master's degree course
In September, I started the Conference Interpreting and Translation course at the University of Leeds, so that's done! 

10 - Write a novel
Nope. My draft is still at the same point and even though I started NanoWriMo I did not keep up with it. This resolution will also be on my 2018 list, although I'm honestly not sure if I'll make time for it. 

11 - Move somewhere new 
I've moved to Leeds and plan to be there until June if not August! That's when my course will end officially. However, after Leeds I'd love to move somewhere else and discover new cities (not sure in what country yet!).

12 - Travel, of course!
I haven't done a lot of travelling in the last few months but I have discovered quite a few places near Leeds, including Malham Cove,York, Liverpool and some cool areas in the outskirts of Leeds. I also travelled to an Eastern European country for the first time (Bulgaria), which was very new to me, and Palestine which is an golden oldie. We'll see what the new year brings!

13 - Learn more healthy recipes
I can't say I have learnt many new recipes, but I have introduced some new ones (not sure if they are super healthy), like quiches, vegetable soup and pumpkin with cheese on top. 

14 - Take more naps
If there is one thing this year taught me is that naps definitely don't work for me. I have re-discovered getting early nights of sleep, which is very beneficial and doesn't require taking naps. I love waking up feeling refreshed and not feeling sleepy in the afternoon anymore. I also saw that taking vitamins in the afternoon if you're feeling tired really helps!

I hope you enjoyed the post! What were your new year's resolutions for the past year, and did you manage keeping up with them? :)


  1. Wow! That's a good record for a year, Assia!

    1. Hey Gary! Thank you, to be honest most of them are day-to-day goals for me - I don't really do unrealistic resolutions :) Hope you're enjoying the holidays!