1 January 2018

2018: My New Year's Resolutions!

Dear readers,
I am back with my yearly post on new year's resolutions. This year, I noticed a tendency among bloggers to think about resolutions before the end of the year as opposed to the first days of 2018, and decided to join them (you can find them on Instagram). This turned out to be a good way to refresh my positive mindset and prepare for the end of 2017 and embrace my 2018 goals.
This year, I spent New Year's Eve with a couple of friends. We rented a friend's house in Florence city centre and made dinner. Then we celebrated by lighting some sparklers and firecrackers, playing board games and chilling. It was very hygge and probably one of the best celebrations from the past few years. My favourite moment was watching the Florentine fireworks from the house rooftop, a new experience for me, which made it very special.

But anyway, back to my list: as usual, my list is very close to my day-to-day resolutions as I'm very realistic. But I'll also make a few fun, unrealistic resolutions and see what happens by the end of 2019!

1 - Be mindful and self-aware
I hope this will forever be my n.1 resolution. At the moment, this is my priority - to stay balanced, and look at all things in my life in a mindful way. I have already learnt how to 'watch my mind'; the constant challenge is to maintain this attitude and remember what life's priorities are.

2 - Continue doing meditation and yoga
The title says it all. This is a part of my daily life I cannot live with, and my goal is to continue doing it. 

3 - Go to more (actual) yoga classes
Last year, especially since I've started my master's course, I've stopped going to yoga classes. This is because I can never manage to book gym classes (they're all fully booked by 8am!). I want to at least give them a try and see if they are worth it!

4 - Read 20 books
This year, I won't exaggerate. Last year I wanted to reach 30 books which was impossible - I read 18, which wasn't too bad, but I couldn't reach my target. This year I'll choose a smaller number, not only because I'm being realistic but because three of the books I'll be reading (currently sitting on my shelf) are super thick and will take a long time to be read. These include Dacia Maraini's "Il treno dell'ultima notte" and Paullina Simons's first and second books of the "The Bronze Horseman" trilogy. I also want to make sure I keep reading spiritual books, although I feel like many of them are a sort of reiteration of what Tolle stated in his work. 

5 - Complete my master's degree from the University of Leeds and graduate again!
I can't wait for that day. Even if I'm only halfway (done four months so far), I can't wait to be able to do simultaneous interpreting and say that I am an actual conference interpreter!

6 - Find a second freelance language-related job
Hopefully, by the end of the year I will also have a full time job! But since I'm still not sure of what I'll be doing after August 2018, my only aim right now is to find another online job that is language-related, besides my online teaching job at Italki. 

7 - Maintain a good time balance
This resolution is an oldie from my 2017 list. Last year I managed to maintain time balance and stop procrastinating while I studied and worked, and I really want to continue doing that.

8 - Live a more hygge life
On Christmas day, after eating for hours with my family (literally), I picked up an old book of mine (Meik Wiking's "The Little Book of Hygge"), and it reminded me of all the hygge lessons I'd learnt last year. I immediately realised I didn't want to miss on that any longer and set a goal to have a more hygge rest of winter. This might include finishing Helen Russell's "The Year of Living Danishly", a book on Demark and its lifestyle. 

10 - Unrealistic but fun resolution: go to Denmark (alternatively, discover a new country)
Here is my unrealistic but fun resolution, since I have neither the time nor money to travel to Denmark. But I'd love to find out what hygge is really about. Discovering a new country shall also count to score this resolution point haha!

11 - Write a novel
Another slightly unrealistic resolution - finishing the novel I've started. This goal and the penultimate one on the list will probably be the most difficult ones to achieve, as I don't have a deadline or anything specific to push me to do them, apart from my motivation. Therefore, I'll write them down, just in case, and see what happens.

I hope you enjoyed my list - I'll see you or talk to you next year! ;)

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How did you spend New Year's Eve? What are your 2018 resolutions? Share in the comments!

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