27 January 2018

Monthly Favourites: November and December 2017

I hope this finds you well and that you've had a good end of 2017 and start of 2018 :) I have to say that November and December have been fairly intense for me. I went through my first batch of exams and could finally relax a little bit in December as I spent a weekend in London visiting family and friends, and three weeks back home with my family. I was so grateful for long holidays as these gave me the chance to see things in the big picture and not focus on day-to-day challenges that come up during the interpreting training. Here are some favourites from this time:

- Dina Tokio's YouTube Channel and Documentary
Dina Tokio is a fashion and lifestyle YouTuber. I find her really fun to watch and admire her as in her videos she talks openly about social life as a (British) Muslim, challenges related to gender stereotypes and more. I particularly enjoyed the short documentary Your Average Muslim, which sheds light on issues that Muslim women wearing hijab are experiencing in Europe nowadays. Although I am not a Muslim I am very interested in the gender stereotypes debate and recommend watching this documentary to get to know more on how these women are often seen and stigmatized. I also really enjoy watching Sid (Dina's husband) and Dina's sit down videos where they get sent very controversial messages and comment them giving life advice.

- YouTube Channel: Simply Ney
Renee Amberg is a newbie YouTuber who does lots of videos on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to apply the law of attraction. She actually posts a video on it weekly, a feature called Manifestation Wednesday which I find so fun to watch! Her videos are visually appealing and her voice is so soothing that sometimes I even just put them on while I do housework.
- YouTube Channel: L'angolo del focolare
This is a lifestyle channel in Italian I started watching in the holidays. It's ran by Valentina, who has just become a mum to Sole (which means 'sun' in Italian), a Chinese girl she and her husband Franz have adopted (travelling all the way to China!). Apart from enjoying Valentina's house tours and videos on decluttering, I think that adopting a child is such an honourable thing to do and I mainly follow her because of that. Plus Sole is so cute and I love seeing her grow up and learning Italian!
What are your favourites of the past two months? Share in the comments!