28 July 2018

Belgium Diaries: Boat Tour around Ghent and Meise's Wheat Fields

The last chapter of the Belgium Diaries serie is all about Ghent and an unexplored part of Belgium. Both places struck me as they were very different from Bruxelles and I enjoyed seeing other faces of the same country.

On the second day of my tours around Belgium we stopped in Ghent or Gand. The walk from the station to the centre took a long time, but as usual, I enjoyed looking at the Belgian quirky houses. These ones were very different from Bruges's, which were a mixture of cottages and modern houses; these ones resembled the Art Nouveau style and I fell in love with the balconies. 

Once we got to the city centre, we stopped at a cafe for a break and were pleasantly surprised to find it had Nordic-looking interiors. I am personally a fan of Nordic interior design, so any time I find a place like of the kind I take some pictures and try and replicate the style in my room or home!

This was another cafe but I really liked the Flemish writings on the board and took a snap of it.

In the centre, you can stroll along the canals where you'll find boats, cafes and local markets. We were lucky enough to come across a book market, which is my favourite kind. I could actually find books in many other languages besides French and Flemish (which is rather exciting for a bookworm like me). 

The atmosphere along the canals was fantastic as you can tell from the weather and the people who were book-shopping!

The Sint-Michielskerk was my favourite landmark of the town.

This part of the canal was also beautiful. Traditional buildings in Belgium are just stunning and so colourful. I managed to take a lot of pictures from good angles as we went for a boat trip along the river Lys.
The Korenlei
Ghent's castle - the Gravensteen
 The Graslei
The Bierhuis - the beer house
During a boat trip, we crossed a elderly home along which boat tour had to take turns on the canal and couldn't talk too loudly as to avoid sound pollution and disturbance. Apparently residents do protest every now and then as boat trip guides can be very loud. I guess living in old-fashioned houses also has downfalls...
After the boat trip, we went on a walk around the narrow, unexplored streets behind the houses we'd seen from the river and found some nice spots for pictures.

I spent my last day in Meise, visiting Sophie, a friend from Bruxelles I met during a two-week stay in Salamanca where I studied Spanish four years ago. We only spent a week together at the time but loved each other's company, whether we were talking or just reading in silence. Sophie was so kind as to let me stay at her house and meet her family and she showed me around Meise's wheat and corn fields. After having spent such a long time in cities, it was lovely to be in the countryside and breathe some fresh air. 

Some beautiful bougainvillea :)

I hope you enjoyed my Belgium Diaries series - I loved taking pictures and writing about multilingualism and my thoughts on this beautiful country. I was only here for less than a week, but it was truly an impressive experience that will always stay with me. 

Have you ever been to Belgium? What are some places you would recommend to travel to? 

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