13 July 2018

Belgium Diaries: Fairytale Houses, the Dijver Canal and Open Air Art in Bruges

On the second day of the trip, my friends and I went to Bruges or Brugge. Having seen amazing pictures of Bruges, I had really high expectations. The town was indeed lovely, but I cannot say I was struck by it as much as I was by Ghent the day after. I said this to many people and learnt that there are differing opinions on this, so even though I'd recommend Ghent over Bruges you should probably go yourself and then make your mind up!

As you walk from the station to the city centre, you pass through little streets with typical Belgian houses full of quirky details including statues of roosters, donkeys, flowers etc. Most houses were either brown or painted in pastel colours and had bikes outside, and you could see flowers from the windows. I love Nordic houses so I loved imagining what it would be like to live in one of these and cycling to work and to run errands.

Loved that rooster!
A lot of people cycle in Bruges like these ones

The most famous houses of Bruges in the main square

Bruges's main square is magical. When I went there were some works going on but these ancient buildings still looked great - let alone when the square is empty! There was a museum on the Middle Ages I was very tempted to go to but I didn't have the time so that's now on my bucket list for the next time I travel to Bruges. 

After having walked around the central square and streets, we reached a lovely bridge surrounded by flowers and vines. I loved these white and blue houses and the contrast of colours - perfect for any Instagrammer!

How cute is this doorknob?!

The Meestraat Bridge - one of the dreamiest corners of the town

These are so many pictures of the same place, but I couldn't help sharing them!

Spot the dancing scene in the picture ;)

After another walk to other areas of the centre, we ended up in a more isolated area of town where we found these lovely colourful houses.

How cool are these houses?!

There was also an open air art project in the middle of the canal - a red plastic structure you could walk inside and come out to dive in the canal. This is a little corner of it.
Though the book I brought with me and that I'm still reading is Tatiana and Alexander by Paullina Simmons, I recommend Girl with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier (which is set in a Dutch setting but the atmosphere is very similar) if you happen to go to Bruges. I am also planning to read The Master of Bruges by Terence Morgan. If you have any recommendations of historical books set in Belgium please let me know!

I hope you enjoyed the post - stay tuned for the next one on Ghent and Meise!

Have you been to Bruges? Do you have any recommendation?

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