14 October 2018

Monthly Favourites: August & September 2018

It's Sunday afternoon. After having made myself a chicken, carrot and pumpkin curry (I've been experimenting in the kitchen) I sat down to write my monthly favourites for the past two months. August was a hectic month as I had to prepare for my final exam, submit my extended translations and I spent two weeks interpreting in Piedmont. Somehow, I managed to survive all those challenges and could come home. As opposed to August, September was a fantastic month. I could finally catch up with my family and relax and especially see my dream come true: not having to pack and fly abroad after the summer. Even though living abroad was my dream for ages, in the past 6 years, a part of me always looked forward to that time when I wouldn't have to leave again. I'm so grateful to be able to be home with my loved ones and not have to leave any time soon. It's great to be able to have lunch and dinner together, to watch a film or a series and comment it together and generally doing daily things at home instead of away from home. Since I have been working from home, I've had time to watch and read plenty of  things which I'll share with you.

- Short Story: The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis
Because I always feel like reading a fantasy book or story at some point in summer, I read the third of Narnia's short stories. The Horse and His Boy wasn't as good as The Witch, the Horse and the Wardrobe or The Magician's Nephew but it was a fun read. It's about a boy called Shasta and a horse called Bree who embark on a journey to Narnia along with Aravis, a girl, and Hwin, her horse.

- Netflix series: Elite
Elite was a chance for me to listen to some Spanish and note down some colloquial expressions I didn't know before. It's a thriller set in Las Encinas, a prestigious high school in Spain, where three working-class teenagers enrol and clash with wealthy students, leading to a murder. I was so intrigued by this series I watched it in a few days. The cast is amazing and all scenes are very realistic.
- Netflix Series: Vikings
I was always intrigued by Vikings and their culture. This series is a great documentary of how Vikings lived, how they worshipped their gods and fought in battle. I loved the characters of Ragnar, Lagertha and Floki and Vikings' ideas of death, Valhalla (their equivalent of heaven) and the description of the various gods.

- Nutrition & Mindfulness YouTube Channel: Pick Up Limes
A friend of mine introduced me to this channel some time ago saying that Sadia reminded her of me. Sadia is a nutritionist from Canada with Afghan origins who is living in the Netherlands. Her videos are about food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
- YouTube Channel: Jonna Jinton 
Jonna Jinton is a Swedish YouTuber who makes videos about her life in Northern Sweden. She lives in a hut with her boyfriend and dogs and spends plenty of time filming and taking pictures in nature, as well as painting and creating artwork. I love listening to her singing herding calls to call her cow and talking about her daily life (I love her accent and voice!). 

- YouTube Channel: Alice like Audrey
Alice is an Italian YouTuber who makes beauty and lifestyle videos. I love her sense of humour as she comes from Lucca, a little town near Florence, and Italian humour is very region-specific. I can relate to many of her jokes and find her sit down videos really fun.
What were your August and September favourites? Share in the comments below!

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