3 October 2018

Tuscany Road Trip: Castiglioncello, Rosignano, Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri

Before welcoming the cold weather, crisp air and warm coats of the autumn season, we went for a two-days seaside break for a final dip in the water and sun tan. Though our expectations weren't very high weather-wise, we had a couple of sunny and fairly warm days. My favourite moment was swimming in the cold water as it was crystal clear and I could feel all the benefits of cold water swimming that I learnt from a speech I interpreted in July. This also turned out to be a cultural break as we visited Castagneto Carducci and Bolgheri, two villages where 800s Italian author Giosuè Carducci spent a great part of his childhood and adult life. I loved getting to know this part of Tuscany and I'm excited to share it all with you. 

Before reaching Castiglioncello, we stopped at Calafuria, which is known for its clear water. I loved looking at the shades of blue next to the rocks!

Taking pictures on the road :)

Next, we got to Castiglioncello, where we'd booked an Airbnb. We stayed in a small flat as part of a 19th century villa with a shared garden and terrace overlooking the sea. We even made a little fluffy friend, this cute kitten that I named Pimpolino. He loved playing, following me around and climbing trees :) 

 The beautiful view from the terrace

Hilarious note from the fishermen on the shore - 'Fish available at 11.30am if the weather allows it. If I'm late do as you wish'

 What I loved the most about our flat is that you could walk straight onto the beach. So first thing in the morning, we walked on the shore looking for a nice spot to lay on. This is what we opted for.
 Swimming in Castiglioncello was fantastic. The water was very cold but I could get accustomed to it quickly. There was so much fish and so many colourful stones - it all felt so simple and mindful. I loved it!
Another beach we explored was one of the so-called 'white beaches', Rosignano Solvay. These are some of the most outstanding beaches in Tuscany, yet I can't say the water is the cleanest. The reason why they are so white is because factories producing soda nearby throw a lot of it in the sea. 

This is the book I brought with me. Of course, it's a historical fiction novel on World War II. Stay tuned for the review!

In the afternoons, we went to visit towns nearby. We first visited Rosignano Marittimo, a town on top of a hill with lots of local shops and, from a more historical viewpoint, partisans memorials. 

The light was beautiful - it made all houses and buildings look slightly orange-yellowish. I really liked depicting details like house numbers and other ceramics. 

On top of the hill
 I loved the view of Rosignano from the top!

Classic Italian snacks - a budino di riso (rice pastry), a bombolone (custard doughnut) and a cappuccino

The second town we visited was Castagneto Carducci, a name dedicated to 800s Italian poet Giosuè Carducci. This was my favourite destination. We loved the colourful houses and the natural background of trees and the sea. 

The main road

We guessed that this random face was Carducci's. What do you think?
Some houses next to Carducci's museum, which we quickly visited. I didn't take any pictures - I rarely do in museums - but basically the museum is a big space containing letters, newspaper articles on the author and insights into the author's private and public life. I loved the description of Carducci's grandmother, Nonna Lucia, who raised him and loved him unconditionally telling him fairytales while he sat on her lap. There is actually a statue of a sitting Nonna Lucia in Bolgheri's main square that children love. Of course, I also had to sit on her lap! 
Some boards making jokes about vegans and fast-food. Though I like clean eating, I found these very funny :) 'To the vegan person - the florist is in Donoratico!' 'Save a plant. Eat a vegan!' 'If you're in a rush, McDonald's is in Piombino!'

 Our final stop was Bolgheri, Carducci's home town. We found this very touristy so I only took a few snaps.

I hope you enjoyed my travel post, the second one in the Tuscan Road Trip series. I loved exploring this part of Tuscany and look forward to getting to know more! 

Have you been to any of these places?

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