30 December 2018

Did I Achieve My 2018 Resolutions?

Dear readers,

2018 has been a tough year that came with a lot of challenges, but that also taught me a lot of lessons. From my university course to personal life, I felt like 2018 really tested my strengths and weaknesses to make me even stronger - I can't say I didn't mind taking a break in the Christmas holidays though! Although right now I'm finding it key to reflect on the lessons learnt, rather than the goals achieved, I'll still write this post because it's great fun and I love ticking goals off lists.

1 - Be mindful and self-aware
Though I'll tick this one off, I realise mindfulness and self-awareness fluctuate on a day-to-day basis. One day you might feel super calm and content, and another day you might get stressed by an external event and find it harder to stay mindful and not to overreact. Yet, I can say that I'm satisfied with my search for these values and attitudes, as I've constantly tried to find my own 'mindful corner' at least once or twice a day almost all year round. 

2 - Continue doing meditation and yoga
Done. Wouldn't have been able to survive otherwise!

3 - Go to more (actual) yoga classes
Done, at least in the last quarter of the year. I started going to Hatha yoga classes near home once a week or every two weeks. Because Hatha yoga is so chilled and closer to meditation and mindful movements, I used these classes to take my mind off things rather than exercising. Before that, I also went to a Vinyasa class with a friend in Leeds and loved that the teacher asked us to pick a piece of paper out of a jar - on my piece of paper was written 'patience', which meant I'd have to reflect on that value during the class and in the weeks ahead. I realised patience is something that I had to work hard on, so thank you yoga for this realisation!

4 - Read 20 books
Literally just made it to 20 on 30th December thanks to The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes.

5 - Complete my master's degree from the University of Leeds and graduate again!
Done! I graduated a few weeks ago in MA Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies from the University of Leeds - not the easiest course, let me tell you! While studying Modern Languages as my BA gave me the foundations to study, work and become an independent person, this course really tested some new skills (mainly memory exercises, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting), it taught me how to network like a pro and how not to get discouraged by people who say there are no opportunities out there.

6 - Find a second freelance language-related job
Though this isn't exactly how I would describe my current new jobs, I can say I have found other ones besides online teaching. I'll be sharing more soon!

7 - Maintain a good time balance 
Again, this is something that changes on a day-to-day basis, but overall I'm fairly happy with my time management skills. I've been a bit lazy with my interpreting glossary prep on wine and fashion for upcoming assignments, but I'll try and catch up with my no-procrastination policies from the MA soon!

8 - Live a more hygge life
There have been times when I felt that I absolutely needed the hygge feels in my life, and phases when I didn't. For instance, while all of my friends know me to be a Christmas lover, in the weeks before Christmas I didn't feel the need to be as festive as I would normally be or decorate the house excessively. For the time being, all I need is a few candles, my salt lamp and diffuser. Since I got kittens, I have also been spending less time on social media and more time playing with them (lol I'm loving the definition pet therapy), but I didn't really count that as hygge time. What is hygge for you?

10 - Unrealistic but fun resolution: go to Denmark (alternatively, discover a new country)Didn't happen. I remember at the beginning of last year I happened to read a lot on Denmark, including a book on Hygge and The Year of Living Danishly. Both were very eye-opening, but I can't say that I pursued the Danish dream after that. Instead, I travelled to Belgium for the first time which was great as I got to visit the institutions for dummy booth and visit little towns with my course mates.

11 - Write a novel
Although I wrote a few more chapters, I am still a long way from finishing the novel I started writing. It's still something I'd like to do, but I won't put it on my 2019 resolutions list as it's something I want to do to enjoy myself, and not as a goal, somewhat like Journal by Assia.

How was your 2018? Did you achieve your 2018 Resolutions? 

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  1. Assia! I'd been meaning to come back to your blog for so long! (For some reason, I can't access it at my work :(
    I obviously love the resolution about living a more hygge lifestyle ;) It's always my favourite! Can't wait to see what 2019 has in store for you :)