14 February 2019

Monthly Favourites: December and January 2019

Happy February!

I hope you all had a great start of 2019. January was quite a busy month for me, as I was interpreting at Pitti Immagine, a fashion fair that takes place in Florence every year. Instead, now I'm doing a lot of studying as I’m going to Spain soon for an interpreting assignment where Spanish and French will be involved. Therefore, I'm revising my French, which is a bit rusty at the moment, and Spanish. I’ve been watching the news in French, reading some articles and following dubbed tv series with subtitles. This was actually really fun for me as I love learning languages and revising felt like going back to school or learning a new language. 

- Netflix series: Cable Girls 2nd and 3rd season
After falling in love with Las Chicas del Cable’s characters, it was only natural that I would watch the second and third seasons, and I’m counting the days to the release of the fourth one! These seasons are also set in 1920s Madrid and are about Lidia, Marga, Ángeles and Carlota’s dramatic lives. My favourite storyline was Marga and Pablo’s, who have to deal with the unexpected arrival of Julio, Pablo’s twin brother. I also enjoyed Ángeles’s crime storyline with Detective Cuevas. If you watched it, what was your favourite storyline?

Netflix series: When Calls the Heart
When Calls the Heart is a romantic series about Elizabeth Thatcher, a girl from the middle class who moves to Coal Valley, a mining town in the American Far West, to start a new life as a teacher. At first, adapting to the new lifestyle is difficult, but with time and the help of Constable Jack Thornton and her new friend Abigail, the whole town starts appreciating her.

What were your favourites in December and January?

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