23 April 2019

How Reiki Changed My Life

A few months ago, exactly at the end of August, I hit rock bottom. Even though I'd almost finished it, my master's degree had completely stressed me out. I'd spent the summer hopping from one place to the next without taking breaks (my stops were Leeds, Manchester, Brussels, Manchester, Leeds, Florence, London, Leeds, Prali, Florence, Leeds, Florence. You've lost count too, right?). I wasn't travelling for fun, but rather, trying to fit all of my plans to improve my interpreting skills in the short span of time of three months, whilst writing my dissertation as well. In early September, I had to wait for some life-changing news and to look for new jobs, as very few people had been replying to my application emails in the summer. If you haven't grasped that already, last summer was one of the most stressful moments in my entire life. I was exhausted and wanted a break, or rather I needed a break - otherwise I would have completely burned out. Oh and let's not forget my mum, who would have also burned out if I continued moaning about my whole life on a daily basis.
As is typical of my mum, whenever you feel like a situation is utterly hopeless, she'll come up with a somewhat miraculous solution - something no one would have thought of. This time, she came to me and told me she'd spoken to a lady at the gym who did reflexology. She'd got curious and wanted to try it out, and asked me to join her. I didn't know what reflexology was, but it surely took my mind off all problems and gave me something to look forward to.

So off we went to a reflexology session. We discovered that the lady - Elisabetta - not only works her magic through reflexology, but also reiki. She told us about her energy work, how she had been working on healing energy in friends and clients, clearing chakras and energy blockages and much more. She also told us about her vision of life as a way of growing spiritually and learn through good and bad experiences and ups and downs.

I felt very drawn to all this new information, and soon went back to have my first reiki session. I loved meeting Elisabetta again as she had a unique vibe to her I couldn't quite point my finger at. It was just a good feeling of being around her. She showed me to her working space, which felt charged with energy (it's a difficult feeling to explain - I only felt that so strongly the first time I entered it). I was feeling like an emotional mess both superficially and deep inside, so I got very emotional, which happens all the time with reiki. Elisabetta confirmed that I had some blockages and that my aura needed clearing, and the more she told me about what she felt while 'scanning' me, the more I could resonate. I remember her telling me about a strong charge of envy around me from people near me, and I remember clearly feeling this about some people I used to spend time with back then. She told me much more which I can't share as it would get too personal, but that made a strong impact on me.

Of course, one session did very little to clear my energy as it takes at least four sessions to purify one's energy field. After the first session I felt very upset at some things I suddenly realised I didn't like or wanted to change. The first reiki session is usually very troubling as it stirs old emotions and traumas and brings them right up to the surface to then clear them. With the second session, I still felt very emotional, and only the third and fourth sessions really brought some peace and balance. Such a balance usually lasts for a few days up until a week, depending who you spend time with and what you get to do.

I've gone back to have more sessions ever since, and I aim at continuing to use reiki to clear negative energy and grounding myself. Though I still get negative feelings, this is much more rare and it feels more superficial compared to before. If I now am hurt about something, it won't feel like a stab, but more like a temporary mood that I will be able to take a distance from.

I now can't believe I've spent so many years only getting exams and checks at the doctor's but without checking my emotional wellbeing. To me, reiki is a way to check in and see how I am feeling, and even redirecting my attention to positive thinking patterns and letting go. I wish reiki and meditation were mandatory subjects in school - they would make a huge difference in children's and teenagers' education, as these would then be ready to grow into mindful adults. I now have a fantastic relationship with Elisabetta and reiki and want to keep it as a part of my life. I've spoken about reiki to some friends and everyone seemed very curious about it, so if you have any questions feel free to ask!


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