6 May 2019

Monthly Favourites: February and March 2019

I have just come back from Spain and am back to my translations and teaching jobs. I thought February was going to be a work-free month, but I actually found myself full of job interviews, short and longer translations and revisions. One thing I am looking forward to is starting to organise interactive activities in English for children. I'm excited about coming up with creative activities for them involving colours, learning basic words and letting them play. Going back to Spain made me realise how much I miss language learning (I know, I'm such a nerd - always thinking about studying!) and playing around with language. This is why, besides tv series, these favourites include some language learning YouTube channels which I have been watching for fun.

- Netflix Series: Witches of East End 
Witches of East End is a fantasy series on the Beauchamps, a family of witches, who goes through the same karma life after life. Set in the fictional seaside town of East End, it follows the lives of a family of witches - Joanna Beauchamp and her two grown-up daughters, Freya and Ingrid, and her sister Wendy. 
Though I'm not a fan of fantasy, I loved this series because it was so fun to watch and it included fun fantasy elements - past life regression, going back in time, tarot cards reading, spells... The plot is fantastic and so is the cast who makes it realistic but also funny whenever drama is about to strike. My favourite character was Wendy, played by M├Ądchen Amick. 

- Netflix Series: The Client List
The Client List is a drama series with a hint of thriller genre about Riley Parks, a wife and mother who is left by her husband and father of two kids, and who starts over to find strength and to support her family, both emotionally and financially, with a new 'customised' job at a spa.
Riley is a wonderful example of a strong, successful woman who can stand up for herself and defend her loved ones. I also loved to see her friendship with best friend Lacey and her mum Linette, who also happens to be Lacey's co-worker at a hairdresser's.

- YouTube Channel: Spoken Arabic Simplified
Spoken Arabic Simplified is an Arabic learning channel run by Thalia, an American polyglot with an amazing Italian and Arabic accent (probably in other languages as well). I like watching her videos every now and then to refresh my Arabic, even if I'm not taking classes seriously. Her videos are very simple and the Arabic writings are transcribed in Latin letters. Recommended!

- YouTube Channel: Learn Italian with Lucrezia
Though I definitely don't need to learn Italian, I love following Lucrezia on YouTube and Instagram. She is a fellow Italki tutor and shares her authentic Italian lifestyle on social media and teaches Italian to foreigners. If you are learning the language, I recommend to check her out!
[This post was written a long time ago so it's not really up to date but I didn't want to discard it. I took the picture of Porto Venere, La Spezia, during a training session for my new job as a language assistant.]

What were your monthly favourites? 

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