9 July 2019

Monthly Favourites - April & May

April and May have been months of hard work for me - I only took a few days off throughout this time so am now catching up and resting a bit in June, finally enjoying the hot weather and spending some time outside. Every day I like to spend some time in my balcony reading, having breakfast and on my laptop - I love it as it's warm but the air is breezy. I have also just taken on a revision and translation job and am enjoy working on it outside. My cats Ellie and Milo - whom I haven't officially introduced on the blog - are loving this new phase. They were too young at first and we couldn't let them out but now that they've grown up a little we do and they like to chill outside, climb trees and keep me company. 

I have finally got back into reading and watching TV series, which I'd missed a lot. So if you're looking for some new titles make sure you keep reading! 

- Podcast: The Wisdom Theory
Now that I’ve signed up to the gym, I’ve started listening to podcasts again. I did some research to find a good podcast and came across Renee Amberg’s The Wisdom Theory, a podcast about life lessons and mindfulness learnt by Renee in her readings. This is a very simple podcast and I highly recommend it if you are already following Renee on YouTube and enjoy listening to her voice as much as I do, or if you are into spiritual books and discovering new theories.

- Netflix Series: Alias Grace
Alias Grace is the story of Grace Marks, a poor Irish immigrant and domestic servant in 1800s Canada who is accused and convicted of the murder of her employer and his housekeeper. Dr Simon Jordan, a psychologist, interviews her, revealing stories from her past. 

The interesting element in Alias Grace is the narrator’s viewpoint, as we are given information from multiple viewpoints but the real one remains unclear, while we are used to the narrator sharing the truth with us. I also loved Mary Harron's acting and her Northern Irish accent. 
- Netflix Series: Bitten
Bitten is about Elena Michaels, a female werewolf who is torn between a normal life with her human boyfriend Philip in Toronto and her "family" obligations as a werewolf in upstate New York.

What were your favourites in April and May? 

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  1. Great post - those Netflix shows look like something I would enjoy... I will have to see if my boyfriend wants to watch them with me! I currently don't have a TV in my apartment, so I have been doing a lot of reading instead. I think the best book I read this month was "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes. Definitely worth the read!
    Jenna ♥
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