Journal by Assia


10 October 2016

Sunday in Clifton Village & Life Update

It's been a month since I'm back in Bristol. A month since I've wanted to sit down and write, but haven't made the time for it. But here I am - on a Sunday afternoon, typing all my thoughts about the start of this university year and life chapter. I find Sundays to be a good excuse for pretty much anything - an extra slice of cake, procrastination, unnecessary shopping. They have that careless feeling to them that sets you free a bit - and this is especially true in Northern Europe, where free Sundays are sacred. You might not want the U.K. to be classified as Northern or European (I hope you do) but it does feel a little like that to me: I grew up in Italy. So please understand. Also, I tend to forget that readers don't always know all things Western. Like some of my Arabic cousins found it strange for Sunday to be the festive day of the week because for them it's Friday, while for a European that would be weird to conceive. However, I'm sure that anywhere in the world you come from, you'll have an equivalent day to Sunday and can get what I mean.

3 October 2016

Tasting Tea Village's Brews

This month I was lucky enough to get to collaborate with Tea Village, a Thai tea company that I discovered through Instagram. A few weeks ago, they kindly sent me some samples of their teas. I took my time to taste them all and now I feel ready for the review. I found all tea flavours to have quite a nice and light taste to them, but I'm gonna go more into detail about each one through this post. To give it a nicer look, I did a little photoshoot in my garden in Florence which I really enjoyed :) 

14 September 2016

6 Goals for my Final Year at University

I am officially back in Bristol town!
I flew here on Sunday afternoon and it's been hectic since day 1. This is both because I'm working during Welcome Week 2016 at the International Office and because I feel like I need to get ahead of time with the upcoming year. Not many students have arrived in Bristol yet and I feel like this is giving me the chance to settle back in more easily. I would also like to use this time to get determined for the year ahead and try to make it my best one at university. So far it's been pretty good - I just found out I was nominated for a year abroad essay prize which made me so happy! I'm still waiting for my third year assignments results, which hopefully will be good. One of my targets this year would be to graduate with a first class degree, although that wouldn't reflect my entire university experience since it wasn't (luckily) all spent on books or in the library, but more mixing up academics to social activities and getting useful life experience - which, in my opinion, is a lot more relevant than merely studying. In this post, I have brainstormed some ideas and wrote down a list of my goals for this final university year... let's see what happens!

8 September 2016

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert - Book Review

Big Magic is a book about creativity and how to embrace your creative call in life without getting stuck in fear or complex life situations. Through her ironical and very witty style, Gilbert focuses on the problems that arise from the condition of aspiring artist in a very realistic way that, however, doesn't forget the sparkle of an artistic life choice.

6 September 2016

Monthly Favourites: August 2016

August was a month of extensive travel. I hadn't seen so many new places since my Erasmus trip to the North of Spain where I discovered infinite exciting aspects of Spanish culture. This time, I travelled to Northern Europe (how come it's always about the northern regions?) and saw many German and Dutch locations, which I really liked and made me consider moving abroad again in a far future. Who knows what life holds for me!

1 September 2016

The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins - Book Review

The Girl on the Train is the bestseller in all bookshops today - I'm sure you've noticed it yourself. It's the black bulky book standing next to number 1 on the 'most-red' shelf. Crime fiction is definitely not my genre but I had to make an exception for this book and give it a try. It didn't disappoint me.

28 August 2016

German Beaches: Scharbeutz, Vollerwiek and St Peter-Ording

One thing I absolutely loved about Germany was the sea. I'm a sea lover and wherever I am in the world I always appreciate sitting or walking along the beach, whether it's hot, cold, with clear or darker water. This is because I find it the highest, most beautiful thing of nature - it's so calming, healing and wise in its own way. In Germany, I saw three types of seaside towns: two more 'social' ones (but different) and a more isolated one: Scharbeutz, St Peter-Ording and Vollerwiek.