Journal by Assia


13 October 2019

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield - Book Review

Just as The Celestine Prophecy is about coincidences and secrets being handed down from friend to friend, from generation to generation, it was my friend Emmi who recommended I read this unique, eye-opening story. While the tale of The Celestine Prophecy is a very simple one, written in an easy style any English student could follow, its content and teachings are very deep and provide food for 
thought to both those who are following a spiritual journey and those who are only beginning to.

5 October 2019

My Summer in a Nutshell

It's a chilly morning of late September. I'm home with my cats, not feeling my best, regretting the fact that in order to carve out some time for myself I have to be feeling sick. Where has all the me time I used to have gone? In the first months after ending my master's degree, all I did was working from home, translating and teaching, but alas, a lot of my time was spent job-hunting. Now that I have got two jobs and my part time freelancing work, I've turned into a stressed workaholic with no regular timetable whatsoever. I've been focusing on my work life and my personal life, and completely neglecting my sweet little blog. So today my goal is to sit down and journal about my summer 2019, which was a whirlwind of happy, stressful and emotional moments. Let's begin.

9 July 2019

Monthly Favourites - April & May

April and May have been months of hard work for me - I only took a few days off throughout this time so am now catching up and resting a bit in June, finally enjoying the hot weather and spending some time outside. Every day I like to spend some time in my balcony reading, having breakfast and on my laptop - I love it as it's warm but the air is breezy. I have also just taken on a revision and translation job and am enjoy working on it outside. My cats Ellie and Milo - whom I haven't officially introduced on the blog - are loving this new phase. They were too young at first and we couldn't let them out but now that they've grown up a little we do and they like to chill outside, climb trees and keep me company. 

I have finally got back into reading and watching TV series, which I'd missed a lot. So if you're looking for some new titles make sure you keep reading! 

11 June 2019

The Magic by Rhonda Byrnes - Book Review

The Magic is part of the series of The Secret by Rhonda Byrnes. It's a book about gratitude, understanding gratitude deeply and starting a gratitude practice and routine. This book has changed the way I live my daily life and my routine by adding a sparkle to it. It's improved the way I go about my day and how I mentally address all my actions and thoughts. This is why I'm sharing this with you - so that you can also improve your daily life by using two simple words: thank you.

6 May 2019

Monthly Favourites: February and March 2019

I have just come back from Spain and am back to my translations and teaching jobs. I thought February was going to be a work-free month, but I actually found myself full of job interviews, short and longer translations and revisions. One thing I am looking forward to is starting to organise interactive activities in English for children. I'm excited about coming up with creative activities for them involving colours, learning basic words and letting them play. Going back to Spain made me realise how much I miss language learning (I know, I'm such a nerd - always thinking about studying!) and playing around with language. This is why, besides tv series, these favourites include some language learning YouTube channels which I have been watching for fun.

23 April 2019

How Reiki Changed My Life

A few months ago, exactly at the end of August, I hit rock bottom. Even though I'd almost finished it, my master's degree had completely stressed me out. I'd spent the summer hopping from one place to the next without taking breaks (my stops were Leeds, Manchester, Brussels, Manchester, Leeds, Florence, London, Leeds, Prali, Florence, Leeds, Florence. You've lost count too, right?). I wasn't travelling for fun, but rather, trying to fit all of my plans to improve my interpreting skills in the short span of time of three months, whilst writing my dissertation as well. In early September, I had to wait for some life-changing news and to look for new jobs, as very few people had been replying to my application emails in the summer. If you haven't grasped that already, last summer was one of the most stressful moments in my entire life. I was exhausted and wanted a break, or rather I needed a break - otherwise I would have completely burned out. Oh and let's not forget my mum, who would have also burned out if I continued moaning about my whole life on a daily basis.

15 March 2019

Discovering Agroecology and Interpreting in the Basque Country

Last week I travelled to Durango, Spain, for a week of interpreting during some conferences on agroecology and farm visits. It was a wonderful experience - from the locations, to the food and the language practice, I loved it all!

I left Florence in the morning and flew to Frankfurt, then to Bilbao, where I met some of the delegates from Norway, Spain and Romania. We went to Durango by taxi, then I got to know the other interpreters: three interpreters were from Spain (Brian, Laura and Abel), one was from France (Mathieu) and one from the UK (Becky). I realised I was the only Italian interpreter there but I have to say many of them spoke some great Italian! Most of the time though we spoke in Spanish or French, as they were the most commonly used languages during the meetings.