Exploring Catalonia: Medieval Besalú, the Dalí Theatre-Museum and the Temps de Flors in Girona

12 May 2016
Last Sunday I didn't have anything planned, so when I got a text from a friend asking to join her and other girls to travel around the region I couldn't help but accept. Hence, I booked my ticket from a company called Barcelona Trips and got my things ready for a trip to Besalú, Figueras and Girona. The three stops sounded very ambitious for a single day, but they were on my bucket list and didn't mind doing them quickly.

The Fifth Mountain by Paulo Coelho - Book Review

9 May 2016
The Fifth Mountain is a story about human love, forgiveness and struggle. While it felt a bit confusing at first, it evolves as the story goes on, taking a more structured shape where the author's messages are more easily comprehensible and can really impress you. I don't think this was Coelho's best book, however it's got his typical style which I overall admire and hence it didn't disappoint me too much.

Exploring Catalonia: Loving Life in Sitges

7 May 2016
After having seen Sitges twice, I can say it's on the list of my favourite places in the world. Despite its high, year-round percentage of tourists and typical touristy beach establishments and restaurants, the vibes of this little sea town definitely get it right.

Climbing Up to the Bunkers del Carmel, Barcelona

4 May 2016
If you were thinking that I would be done with bragging about my adventures in Barcelona... you are wrong! I love this city and can't stop celebrating it by writing about it, taking pictures of it, making little sketches behind my postcards to my friends and family.

Monthly Favourites: April 2016

3 May 2016
April has been a great month, weather, blog, travel wise and for many more reasons. Spring in Barcelona and Spain is incredible as people say. The spring seasons I experienced in the UK or Italy were so different, involving an annoying wind that lets you take your coat off to later regret it due to half-season cold, frequent showers and a sun pretending to warm you up but actually not. Here, the weather is warm and being on the beach is already pleasant. Another reason why I have loved April is because I have spent every day lunch break from work on the beach as opposed to the upper, gloomy floor of the office. This is what it looked like:

Book Loving on the Day of Sant Jordi, Barcelona

26 April 2016
Around a year ago, while I was still daydreaming of being in Barcelona, I read about an amazing Catalan celebration called day of Sant Jordi where people exchanged books and roses and lots of book fairs were organised around each area of the city, the biggest one taking up the Rambla de Catalunya. I'd already heard of it before from a teacher of mine at high school who was from Barcelona and was very into it - she'd even tried to import it to Florence but met obstacles. From just knowing about it, I was already very enthusiastic and being there was definitely a pleasure.

All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr - Book Review

23 April 2016
All the Light We Cannot See is the ultimate book for fans of historical fiction, World War II fiction and an exceptional writing style. I read it everyday for around two weeks on the way to and back from work and at night before bed, and it never felt like a duty. It's the book that got me back into my usual habit of reading after quite a long time without doing so. I loved it from the beginning to the end, and only felt a few short boring moments, but because it's a lengthy novel, they didn't really count in my head.
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