Journal by Assia


24 August 2016

Discovering Berlin in One Single Day!

After getting deep in my post on legacy in Berlin, I decided to write a lighter travel post with pictures I took around the city during the day I was there. I'm sure that Berlin has so much more to offer than what I saw, but I guess you can only take in so much in a day.

23 August 2016

The Berlin Wall, the Importance of Legacy and Hopes for the Future

It's only when I started going to university that I was taught the importance of legacy and keeping historical memory alive. Or at least, I was taught at school, but it was only later that it really hit me. While I had no clue on why my class had to listen to a boring explanation of First World War trenches in Trieste under a boiling sun and a getaway daydreaming of 14 year-olds, at 21, in Berlin and still under the boiling sun, I was much more struck by the U.S. checkpoint and a massive signal indicating the watershed between the two cities in one.

19 August 2016

Shopping in Haarlem and Seeing the Windmills in Zaanse Schans

While Amsterdam is Holland's gem, there is a lot more to see to this green and rainy country. What I took with me from this day trip was Haarlem's variety of shops and Zaanse Schans's old fashioned aura. Keep reading to see some pictures of these typical Dutch places!

15 August 2016

Green Amsterdam: Vondelpark, the Bloemenmarkt and the Begijnhof

Travelling to Amsterdam isn't exactly the type of relaxing-in-nature kind of holiday, but the city does offer a lot of green spaces to take a break from the urban rhythm and scenery. My stay here was short, hence I only visited the big main sites, but there are many other green areas you can stop at. The presence of tulips and flowers blooming around the city and the stalls selling them is also significant, which makes the city even more nature-centred. 

12 August 2016

Amsterdam's Canals, the Rijksmuseum and Trying Dutch Pancakes

Goedemorgen! As previously announced in my last travel post I am currently travelling to a new area of Northern Europe: the Netherlands! After having read The Miniaturist, Girl with a Pearl Earring and watching The Fault in Our Stars I'd been dreaming of going to Amsterdam and see it with my own eyes, and not just through books or movies, despite how amazing or realistic they may be. So finally my blog will also have a Dutch section!

11 August 2016

Hamburg's Port, St Pauli and the Super Food Market at Schanzenhöfe

I'm still currently travelling around Northern Europe, which is why you'll be seeing new locations coming up soon on the blog. I have already anticipated the Baltic Sea on my social media, but there is a new location that I haven't yet shared yet which is a pretty exciting surprise. Can you guess what it is?

6 August 2016

Visiting the Isemarkt and Eating Currywurst in Hamburg, Germany

This year's summer holidays brought me back to a Northern European location I've already been to: Hamburg, a big city in the north of Germany. Hamburg is known for its big harbourside and vibrant atmosphere since there is always something going on including shows, markets, and more kinds of events.